Benefits of the ring in the treatment of kidney problems

Benefits of the ring in the treatment of kidney problems

Benefits of the ring in the treatment of kidney problems
The plant contains important nutrients such as vitamin C, proteins, potassium, phosphorus, and other nutrients that provide the body with many health benefits, including lowering the level of cholesterol, controlling blood sugar level, maintaining heart health and breast milk production, in addition to To the health benefits for kidneys, which mentioned the American site "livestrong."

kidney stones
According to a study published in "Physiotherapy Research" in 2007, the ring was given to laboratory animals, to prevent the formation of kidney stones, and results showed that animals that received ring supplementation were less calcified in the kidneys, That the ring may be useful in the treatment of kidney stones.
Total oxidative stress
Oxidative stress is a condition in which levels of antioxidants are lower than normal and may contribute to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney patients.

According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology in 2001, the circuit may play a role in the prevention of diabetes mellitus.

 Side effects of the ring
According to, the ring usually causes some side effects, such as moderate intestinal gas and diarrhea, in the case of excessive intake of the ring for a long time.

If overdose is taken with diabetic drugs, it may cause blood sugar levels to be too low, so pregnant or nursing women who are allergic to the ring should avoid them.
Excessive intake of the ring causes vomiting, bloody feces, miscarriage or premature birth in some pregnant women, as a result of the ring causing contractions in the uterus, so consult your doctor before taking the ring to avoid the aforementioned health damage.