Symptoms of gastritis include vomiting and nausea

Symptoms of gastritis include vomiting and nausea

Symptoms of gastritis include vomiting and nausea
Some suffer from gastritis, which is due, for many reasons, to infection of the mucous membrane in the stomach by bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. Which usually affects the stomach membrane and may develop to infect most of the mucous membrane in the stomach over time, or excessive use of non-steroidal antibiotics, or side effects of some medications, as well as food poisoning cases, the US site "medicinenet", symptoms and methods of gastritis , Which :

Symptoms of gastritis

Many people suffer from gastritis, which is accompanied by the emergence of some symptoms, namely:

- Abdominal pain .

- vomiting and nausea.

- Diarrhea.

- Anorexia.

- stomach bloating.

- Burping.

These four last symptoms come and go over time especially with chronic gastritis, which is called indigestion.
The symptoms of acute gastritis are:

Bloody vomiting.

Blood in the stool.

- Anemia.

What is the duration of gastritis?
The duration of acute gastritis lasts for 2-10 days and, if neglected, may last from weeks to years.

What foods are allowed for gastric patients?

There are some foods that should be avoided in the infection of gastritis to reduce the symptoms of the disease, namely:

- Alcohol.

- Hot foods.

- fatty foods.

- Fried foods.

Avoid anything that may be toxic or irritating to the stomach (eg cigarette smoking and acidic beverages such as coffee, garlic powder, chili powder and tomato products).
Allowed foods and beverages:
Some foods and drinks help reduce symptoms of gastritis, such as ginger tea, chamomile tea with honey, onions, garlic, cranberries, apples, and celery may stop the growth of bile bacteria.

- Tea.

- Yogurt.

- Mint.

- Juice Islands.

- Coconut water.

- Leafy vegetables such as spinach.

- green onion.

- Parsley.

- Thyme.

- soybean.

- legumes (beans, peas and lentils).
Treatment of gastritis:
The treatment of gastritis is determined by the cause of the disease. Therefore, medicines are prescribed to calm the symptoms. Avoid eating hot or fried foods or spices, drinking alcohol or eating foods that are sensitive to the symptoms of gastritis.