Contraindications of the pill, most notably weight gain and mood swings

Contraindications of the pill, most notably weight gain and mood swings

Contraindications of the pill, most notably weight gain and mood swings
Contraception is one of the most common methods used by women to prevent pregnancy, to identify and like any medical drugs have side effects and damage, and the list of side effects of long contraceptive pills make you think more than once before use, in this report we know the disadvantages of birth control pills, Location "sepalika".

Why the pills cause damage or side effects

The pills raise the level of estrogen in women to abnormal levels, which creates hormonal imbalance in the body, and taken daily throughout the month, so when the levels of estrogen continuously for a long time, which makes it undesirable side effects.

Pills damage

There are short-term pill damage and long-term damage, and here are the most prominent short-term pill damage

1 - nausea

One of the first side effects of the pills of pregnancy, and can continue to feel nausea with these pills for 3 months and then may calm down, and taking pills on an empty stomach makes things worse so you can eat after food
2. Mood changes

Many women feel depressed with the use of oral contraceptives, as they increase the level of estrogen that helps in the growth of cells and this hormone intensifies part of the brain responsible for expecting "rewards", so any disturbance of this part of the brain affects the mood and lead to depression .

3 - pain in the breasts

The pills cause swelling and pain in the breast and this is among its side effects.
4. Headaches

The headache usually starts within a month of starting the pill or as soon as the body gets used to it, the severity of the headache depends on the proportion of hormones used in the pills.

 5 - bleeding vaguely between periods of menstruation

More than 50% of women who take oral contraceptives have vaginal bleeding between menstrual periods, starting within 3 months of taking oral contraceptives and you should contact your doctor if it lasts for a long time.

6- Do not get off the menstrual cycle

Sometimes the pills can cause menstrual disorders and can make them stop for a month, for example, especially if you are sick or tense or have thyroid problems.

7 - vaginal secretions

Contraceptive pills cause vaginal discharge in some women, such as increased secretion or dryness of the vagina. If your discharge is abnormal or has a foul odor, consult your doctor.

8. Weight gain

Many women complain of weight gain as a side effect of birth control pills, because it causes fluid retention in the breasts and legs, and the rise of the hormone estrogen leads to a change in the distribution and size of fat cells. Insulin is also a hormone that controls weight gain and is also linked to estrogen and can make it pills Contraception is affected and causes your weight gain.
9. Low libido

Of the harmful effects of birth control pills as a result of hormonal changes and swelling of the breasts and pain reduces sexual desire in women.

Changes in the shape of the cornea

Because hormonal changes cause fluid retention and can fill the fluid in the eyeball, which causes the change in the shape of the cornea, and because of this swelling wear contact lenses is not as comfortable as before.