Use alternative medicine and treat asthma in natural ways

Use alternative medicine and treat asthma in natural ways

Use alternative medicine and treat asthma in natural ways
Asthma is a respiratory disease that causes frequent bouts that cause symptoms such as coughing, difficulty in breathing, wheezing, requiring medical tests such as lung function testing and blood sensitivity testing. "Everydayhealth" , Natural ways to treat asthma, namely:

Treating asthma in natural ways

Steam baths for the treatment of asthma

Warm steam baths are often used to help relieve nasal congestion and asthma-related airway irritation. One study has suggested that steam treatments help improve asthma symptoms.
Garlic has been used as a natural remedy for many diseases, especially cardiovascular disease, because it contains anti-inflammatory properties, so garlic helps relieve symptoms of asthma.


It is also believed that ginger reduces inflammation, which is confirmed by one study that oral ginger supplements help to improve the symptoms of asthma
Licorice roots
The herb and licorice grass helps to relieve the symptoms of asthma. One study revealed that the use of a number of different herbs to treat asthma such as echinacea, a herb often used to treat upper respiratory infections, but also associated with a number of side effects, High symptoms of asthma and skin rash and the possibility of liver damage when taken with other drugs,

Licorice root contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, so it calms the lungs for asthma patients, but at the same time causes side effects such as high blood pressure.

Some studies have suggested that turmeric has some anti-allergic properties, and although it helps to relieve symptoms of asthma, it has other side effects such as causing inflammation.
Honey is one of the most common cough and cold remedies. It is used to help calm the throat and cough, so it is used by asthma patients to calm the symptoms of the disease by mixing it with a hot drink.

Does asthma cure natural ways to security for health?

It is recommended that before using traditional methods of treatment, consult your doctor about the health problems you suffer and the natural way you want to use the treatment. .